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Serverless Event-Driven Architecture: The Guide

Download this all-in-one resource to discover how serverless event-driven architecture allows you to automate & trigger simple serverless workflows to drive integrations, while saving time and money.

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5 reasons engineers are shifting to cloud native

Cloud native solutions take advantage of the scalability, elasticity, resiliency, and flexibility of the cloud, making cloud native an absolute dream for engineers.

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Password rotation simplified: why event-driven workflows are the key to increasing efficiency

Creating an event-based workflow allows you to dedicate less time to password automation and more time to important tasks, such as writing new code or troubleshooting.

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3 challenges of building event-driven architecture and how to overcome them

80% of Fortune 100 companies use event-driven architecture to power their business. Extending this architecture principle to include orchestration ensures scalability across operations, products and services.

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