Direktiv is an event-driven serverless workflow engine

As it’s cloud agnostic, you can avoid being locked into a single vendor.

More choice and flexibility

Run components serverless

Freedom to run any Direktiv component on any environment supported by Kubernetes.

Integrate your current code, containers and processes seamlessly.

Plug easily into existing build and CI/CD toolchains.

Automatically scale resources as needed.

Move workloads wherever it runs best.

Use DirektivApps or your own containers

Leverage your current code, containers, and in-house developed scripts without technical debt.

Use the Direktiv pre-built containers to accelerate your workflow builds and integrations.

Rapidly build new containers, from existing components.

Build and react with event-driven workflows

Trigger event-based workflows. Handle periodic tasks with cron scheduling, or script using the APIs.

Knative Eventing fully implemented and supported by Direktiv.

A CloudEvents listener allows for custom event integration.

Near real-time
Scales easily

Enterprise features

View reports, tracks and log all activities to logging and reporting solutions such as Splunk, Datadog etc.

Control runtime schedules, container restrictions, policy execution schedule, ownership and control

Integrate into enterprise sources as well as social authentication sources (GitHub, Google, Facebook etc)


Why Direktiv is your best choice

Discover strengths and key differences of Direktiv. Know what you can achieve by using it.

  • Authorization

    Build authorization provided by social identity or LDAP or Active Directory.

  • Control

    Control when can workflows run, what they can do and on what environment.

  • Workflow Promotion

    Treat workflows like code promotion, from development to production.

  • Tracing

    Organize fine-grained tracing for all levels of execution.

  • Error handling

    Handle errors related to workflows, containers or infrastructure.

  • Logging

    Log workflows, containers, and code into your own platform.

Be compatible with any cloud infrastructure

Use any cloud, platform or service

Direktiv is cloud-agnostic and runs on any platform, supports any code, and is not dependent on cloud provider's services for running workflows or executing actions.

Remove the risk of running multiple solutions within the environment to support multiple vendors or cloud platforms.

Code with Go, Java, Node, Python, or any language

Reuse your developers’ current skills. Direktiv places no restrictions on what coding language you can use in the workflows, because the components are run as industry standard containers.

Describe the orchestration flow in YAML or UI builder

Using only YAML or a UI builder you can express all workflow states, transitions, evaluations, and actions needed to complete the workflow.

Explore our prebuilt containers and save time

We’ve created 50+ containers. Find the entire range at DirektivApps.

Trigger simple workflows now

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