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Scaling the enterprise via event-driven orchestration

Build workflows using your containers or code, all in a serverless platform.

Trusted by highly productive enterprises

Features to benefit from

Leverage microservices, containers, or code to build powerful and simple workflows.

Run components serverless

Freedom to run any Direktiv component on any platform or cloud provider using Kubernetes. Easily plug Direktiv into existing builds and CI/CD toolchains, while scaling resources as needed automatically.

Use DirektivApps or your own containers

Use the Direktiv pre-built containers to accelerate your workflow builds and integrations. Or leverage your current code, containers, and in-house developed scripts without technical debt.

Driven by events in your environment

Create event-driven workflows from cloud platforms, applications in-house, or SaaS platforms. Act based on conditions and events within the environment.

Direktiv supports Knative Eventing and CloudEvents.

Enterprise features

Extend your opportunities with enterprise features. Authentication and Authorization using Keycloak and Open Policy Agent. Policy control with runtime schedules, container restrictions, and policy execution schedules. Pick your favorite reporting tool for visibility. Metrics using Prometheus, tracing information via OpenTelemetry & logging via Fluent Bit.

Use cases of orchestration

Discover where Direktiv can help you and get the most out of the technology.

Serverless processing

Leverage the power of serverless compute, container standards and Knative intelligence to execute any code and container, anywhere.

Event-driven automation

Use CloudEvents from applications, cloud platforms and SaaS solutions to trigger simple serverless workflows, drive integrations and respond to changes in your environment.

Customer stories with custom solutions

Learn how fortune 500 enterprises are using Direktiv’s solutions to improve their operations and services.

1.5 FTEs
effort estimation savings

How Dell Technologies MS prevented data leakage (it’s a financial, reputational and legal impact) from internal customer environments to the managed service provider, using Direktiv. As a result DTMS achieved effort estimation savings 1.5 FTEs and guaranteed delivery of encrypted emails.

Run containers from any registry as part of your workflows

Direktiv removes the risk of running multiple solutions within the environment to support multiple vendors or cloud platforms. It’s cloud and platform agnostic and gives you the freedom of choice.

Trigger simple workflows now

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